In January of 2009, I canvased a number of women to participate in my poll to theoretically prove that women's menstrual cycles seem to be tied into the waxing of the full moon. This seemed like the perfect connection between women, the waning and waxing of the moon and celestial bodies.

Those that answered the call were asked to participate in a survey that recorded the first day of their cycle for a duration of 1 year, after which I mapped the data against the phases of the moon to see if there was a conclusion of interest. I called this database the "Lunar Log of the Female Cycle."

Now, a year later, I have collated the data.

46 initial participants:
18- in the target zone (39%)
16- not in the target zone (35%)
12- not able to complete the survey (26%). Of the 12, there were 6 pregancies.

The percentages above represent the percentage of times the participant's lunar cycle (menstrual cycle) landed in the target zone, defined as the period between the waxing 1/2 moon through the waining 1/2 moon...a window of about 2 weeks. It is impossible to have all of your 'moons' land in the target zone, because the zone travels forwards through certain months and backwards through others, so it is impossible to achieve 100%. However, there were a few participates who had very high percentages, and conversely very low percentages. There is no right or wrong as to where the numbers and percentages fall, but an interesting year long survey to see just how they did fall.

Highest percentage of ins: 83% (this person achieved 10 moons within the target zone in the calendar year)

Lowest percentage of outs: 0% (this person achieved 0 moons within the target zone in the calendar year)

In my survey, though completely unscientific, I logged more women (39%) who landed within the target zone each month, verses the number of women (35%) who did not. My survey shows that more women landed in the target zone than not, successfully linking the cycles of the moon to a woman's menstrual cycle.

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